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What is Jiffy?

Jiffy is the new P2P money transfer service via mobile phone. Using an app, customers of a bank can send an amount of money to a beneficiary who is also signed up to the Jiffy service. The money sent is credited to the beneficiary's current account in real time. Several banks offer the Jiffy service directly on their internet banking sites, with no need to download the app.

What are Jiffy's main features?

Jiffy is a money transfer service via smartphone which features:

  • Speed: the beneficiary receives the money in real time
  • Ease-of-use: it takes just a few clicks to send funds to contacts in your smartphone's contact list
  • Convenience: you only need the phone number of the beneficiary, which appears in your contact list and is already linked to an IBAN code
  • Security: Jiffy is integrated with your bank and current account
  • Frequency of use: Jiffy replaces cash in all your quick, daily transactions, such as splitting a dinner bill, collecting money from a number of people for a gift, sending your children their pocket money or lending someone a small amount of money
  • Extensive availability of the service: around 80% of Italian bank customers can access Jiffy through their bank
  • Non-stop availability: Jiffy works wherever you are and at any time.

How can I activate the Jiffy Service?

In Italy, Jiffy is integrated into the BANCOMAT Pay service of BANCOMAT S.p.A.
For how to join, please consult the dedicated website: https://bancomat.it/bancomat-pay/.

How do I send money to another person?

To use Jiffy:

  • download to your smartphone the app of the bank where you signed up for the Service (payment or banking app) and sign in using your credentials, if requested
  • enter the dedicated area for sending money using Jiffy and select from your contact list replicated in the app the name of the P2P beneficiary (your contacts who have signed up for the Jiffy Service will be clearly marked on the list)
  • enter the amount and an accompanying message
  • confirm the transaction.

If both the Sender and Beneficiary have signed up for the Jiffy Service, they will be notified in real time of the successful execution of the transaction, and their respective available funds on their linked accounts will change in real time.

Certain banks allow users to send money to a phone number entered manually in the Beneficiary field, without this number being saved in the contact list.

Can I send money to a beneficiary who has not signed up for Jiffy?

Yes. If the beneficiary has not signed up for Jiffy, they will receive a text message/invitation to sign up for the service at a participating bank. Once they have signed up, they will immediately receive the money.

If the beneficiary prefers not to sign up for Jiffy, in some cases they may receive the funds by communicating their IBAN code to the sender's bank.

Certain banks have set up a section of the app or a page on their websites to collect the pertinent details to obtain the IBAN code of users who are not interested in signing up for the service, but only in collecting their money (in this case, the transaction does not occur in real time).

Can I use Jiffy if I have a Business account?

Currently, Jiffy is only offered to private users with a current account or a prepaid card with an IBAN code.

Can I send money abroad?

Jiffy is an interoperable service, because it uses the European SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) standards and can therefore be used by all banks in countries that can make and receive payments in Euro.

As soon as a foreign bank signs up for Jiffy, it will be possible to transfer money to other countries.

What happens if I send money to the wrong person?

The steps to send money using Jiffy involve the verification of the beneficiary's details before giving final confirmation of the transaction. Therefore, you cannot revoke the bank transfer, which involves the immediate crediting of the beneficiary's account and the debiting of the sender's account.

In relation to errors in transfers, please contact the bank where you have signed up for the Jiffy service.

Can I send any amount of money?

Each participant bank has set its own limits of the amount of money that can be sent using Jiffy. Please contact your bank for more information.

How much does it cost to sign up for Jiffy?

For the terms and conditions for accessing Jiffy, please contact your bank.

Can I sign up for Jiffy with more than one bank?

No, but you can sign up for Jiffy with another bank if you use a different mobile phone number.

If you wish to sign up for Jiffy with another bank, you must first cancel the service with the bank through which you have signed up for Jiffy.

Can I link several mobile phone numbers to the same IBAN code?

Yes, as in the case of joint accounts.

What do I need to use Jiffy?

Just a smartphone with a compatible operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) and a current account or prepaid card with an IBAN code held with one of the participating banks.

At this point, sign up for the service with your bank and then download the dedicated app.

Several participating banks also offer the Jiffy P2P Service on their internet banking sites.

Is Jiffy safe?

Yes. Jiffy is fully integrated with your bank and current account and thus uses the same security standards that the participating banks guarantee for all their solutions and applications.

Who do I contact if my smartphone is lost or stolen?

Immediately contact your bank, which will block the service and inform you how to restore the service.

In any case, the app used to access Jiffy is protected using typical bank security measures, such as username and password. If you do not know these credentials, you cannot transfer money using Jiffy.

How do I deactivate Jiffy?

For the terms and conditions for withdrawing from Jiffy, please contact your bank.