Pay and send money in real time, via smartphone, in total security.

Jiffy is the safe, fast way to pay, send and receive money in real time with your Smartphone. When you activate Jiffy, via your bank, you associate your mobile phone number with your bank account details. In this way you can send money by selecting a beneficiary from your contacts list, receive money from people who have activated the service and make payments using the QR Code or by placing your smartphone near the POS.

Not just in Italy
but all over Europe

Jiffy is already operating with several of the main national banking groups and soon it will be available to around 80% of current account holders in Italy.
The service is available to all banks in countries that are able to make and receive payments in Euros. This means that Jiffy can potentially be used in 34 countries and reach over 400 million current account holders.

Does your bank have Jiffy?

Invite your friends to download Jiffy

What’s more, with Jiffy you can invite people to sign up to the service so they too can receive money through the app.

Your bank at its best.
In the palm of your hand.

Jiffy is a service developed by SIA, the Italian company
that handles the banking transactions you make every day.

In real time

Need to split the dinner bill between you or collect money from a number of people for a group gift? Perhaps you need to lend someone a small sum or give your children their pocket money? Or maybe you need to make a payment in a shop? Piece of cake.

Easier than sending a text message

Choose a name from your contacts list, decide on the amount you want to send. You don't need their account details, their mobile phone number is enough. Transferring money is as easy as sending a text message.
To make a payment all you need is your smartphone. Accept the request notification, place your smartphone near the POS or take a picture of the QR Code.

Safe, just like your bank

Jiffy is linked to your bank and current account. Your mobile phone number, your account – in total security.

Wherever you are.

Personal, wherever you are, even abroad. The easy way to move money, when you need to. Jiffy is multi-platform, available for Android and iPhone.
Personal, wherever you are, even abroad.

Does your bank have Jiffy?

You can use Jiffy with many banks, in Italy and throughout Europe. And others will soon be coming on stream. Is your bank already one of ours?

Find out how to ask your bank for Jiffy